Using a RESTful Transport Layer

pieterhpieterh wrote on 02 May 2011 10:13


Couple of us are developing a new mobile concept, which I'll write about later somewhere else. The little thing talks to a web service, and for this we're using RestTL, an unprotocol that "specifies standard rules for representing resources, and standard mechanisms for working with them in a RESTful fashion over a plain HTTP client-server network."

RestTL emerged about two years ago as the lowest layer of a RESTful stack called RestMS. It's a lovely little transport layer, abstract and extensible. We made it (Steve Vinoski, Brad Clements, and myself) after refactoring the earlier RestMS draft into three layers. Here's a common pattern for unprotocols: start quickly, make it work, then refactor into neater and more abstract layers.


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