Majordomo and Titanic in PHP

pieterhpieterh wrote on 05 May 2011 15:26


The Majordomo Protocol and Titanic Service Procotol are two neat little unprotocols built on top of ØMQ. Ian Barber (@ianbarber) has just made PHP implementations of these.

Like good little unprotocols, MDP and TSP are easy to implement. The Majordomo broker in PHP is about 300 lines of code, and the client stack is 150 lines of code.

Majordomo, in case you're using or interested in ØMQ, is a service-oriented protocol that connects a set of clients to a set of service workers. It's basically a shared queue model. Titanic turns Majordomo into a fully async persistent service model. If you think it's hard to do persistent messaging across ØMQ, look at Titanic. It isn't fast (one message per disk file is the KISS implementation) but obviously could be made much faster, using the same protocol and stacks.

Majordomo and Titanic already work in C, and Lua.

Edit: and also here's an independent implementation of Majordomo in Python.


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