Clouds and Unprotocols

pieterhpieterh wrote on 01 Jun 2011 02:45


The future seems clear. Mobile applications, clouds, and unprotocols. My previous gig was CEO of Wikidot, which runs this site. It's a cloud. Cheap, scalable, instantly available to anyone who needs it. My next gig will be portable applications. Always available, smart, geolocated, social. Put the two together and you have something magic, as Google knows.

But anyone can do a Google. In 2011, smart startups don't build their own clouds, they create them in Amazon EC2. A thousand experiments, a handful will win. And how do you construct your own cloud? You start with a few servers, and you grow on demand to thousands. Your connectivity is ZeroMQ, and your pieces talk to each other over unprotocols. You need to be able to design and implement in days, mature over weeks and months, and publish widely to create community.

After all, every box on EC2 can talk to every other box on EC2. Why limit your cloud? Publish your interfaces as unprotocols, and your vision can grow to clouds of clouds, without limit. If you don't work with unprotocols, you can't scale fast enough to compete.

I'll come back to mobile apps another day. For now, I'll argue that: clouds grow faster when they're built on unprotocols, and ZeroMQ.


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