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Pieter Hintjens is a writer, programmer and thinker who has spent decades building large software systems and on-line communities, which he describes as "Living Systems". He is an expert in distributed computing, having written over 30 protocols and distributed software systems. He designed AMQP in 2004, and founded the ZeroMQ free software project in 2007.

He is the author of the O'Reilly ZeroMQ book, "Culture and Empire", "The Psychopath Code", "Social Architecture", and "Confessions of a Necromancer." In April 2016 he was diagnosed with terminal metastasis of a previous cancer.


Burning Down the House: AMQP revisited
When the Wikipedia page for a contentious topic shows no real argument, you know someone with time and money has something to hide. And AMQP is certainly contentious. In my experience, and because I'm observant, rather than sensitive, the AMQP/1.0 authors are simple bullies who believe might makes right. But one learns to fight back against bullies, because, karma. I'm going to coin a nickname for AMQP/1.0, which is the "Burning Down The House" release.

date.png22 Oct 2012 11:25 | comments.png 2 Comments | 0
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