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Pieter Hintjens is a writer, programmer and thinker who has spent decades building large software systems and on-line communities, which he describes as "Living Systems". He is an expert in distributed computing, having written over 30 protocols and distributed software systems. He designed AMQP in 2004, and founded the ZeroMQ free software project in 2007.

He is the author of the O'Reilly ZeroMQ book, "Culture and Empire", "The Psychopath Code", "Social Architecture", and "Confessions of a Necromancer." In April 2016 he was diagnosed with terminal metastasis of a previous cancer.


Ten Myths About Harassment
Today I watched a revealing video of Yale students with a professor. The mob insult and harangue someone with decades of experience defending free speech. It goes on far too long and leaves us disturbed. These young people act like a pampered, idiot mob. And yet you cannot deny their deep anger. Who is the harasser, and who the harassed, in this video?

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How the Book Works
The Psychopath Code has eight chapters, each telling part of the story. You can read these in any order. I'd suggest you skim the text rapidly, then read it carefully a few times. Then discuss with people you trust, and let your new knowledge sink in slowly. There is a lot to learn, and it will take you time, maybe years, to digest it all.

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Break Glass in Case of Emergency
If you're reading The Psychopath Code to get a grip on problems in your personal life, or work, start here. I'm going to explain the key lessons in a short summary. Read this and feel how it applies to you.

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