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Thank you very much for the psychopath code. I've enjoyed reading it very much. :) — Remy 'Sieben' Leone

"Culture & Empire' by @hintjens was disturbingly fun to read. Emphasis on the fun!" — ‏@selketjah

"Great book. It's rare to come across a hacker who's a great philosophical, yet pragmatic thinker and writer." — Sivabudh Umpudh

"Five stars — Really fantastic book!"Andrey Smirnov

"I find myself still thinking of this book, weeks after finishing it. Yes, it's reductive (but knowingly so)… but it's dealing with giant sweeps of history, so it rounds off a few details to make what I think are some very valid points. I like the way the author thinks, and his internationalist perspective. I like the introduction of implicitly libertarian themes, without the seemingly joined-at-the-hip right-wing views on race, poverty, immigration, etc. Hintjens seems to be both a realist in his analysis, and a hopeful humanist in his desire to see more equality, democracy, and self-determination for the people of the world."MattF

"I really enjoyed how well-reasoned it was and your style of writing suits me perfectly—I was captivated." — @viktorklang

On Culture & Empire: "Incredible book, full of interesting, modern and just sometimes idealistic insights and theories. A very easy read, about difficult and important things: geopolitics, currencies, copyright, etc. Enjoyed every page!"Mindaugas Liubinas

"Culture and Empire" ( ) was amazing. Deep, well-written and thought out. I highly recommend it! — ‏@cppcabrera

Impressed with Code Connected. ZMQ has SO many language examples. And I quite like the story-telling. — @olleolleolle

I might be late to the party but @hintjens's ØMQ book is the best human readable technical book I've ever read — @3rdEden

Reading Software and Silicon by @hintjens. Opens eyes all around. — @wscherphof

Finished book on #ZeroMQ. Working through examples using the ruby rbczmq gem. Mind opening stuff. — @matt_connolly

Author is obnoxious and opinionated in the worst kind of negative, preachy and arrogant way. — ‏@cloudtoad

Confessions of a Necromancer


Thirty-five years I've written code, a necromancer weaving spells to bring the dead to life. Hardware and electronics never held any charm for me. I've no love for chips and cables and solder. Give me a keyboard, a screen, and a language, and you have my attention. Thirty-five years produced a lot of work. So I thought, maybe time to talk about some of those projects.

Social Architecture


This book is an all-in-one primer for anyone aiming to build on-line communities. It covers the theory of Social Architecture, and the tools you need to build a community. It explains the ZeroMQ community in detail, including its collaboration process (C4). This is a powerful book for anyone building an Open Source community, or an on-line community in other areas.

The Psychopath Code


Don't look for serial killers… one in 25 of the people around you is a psychopath, hiding and living a secret life. Psychopaths take what they want, using their charm and wits. They feel only the emotions of a predator. In this book Pieter Hintjens decodes the mystery of the psychopath. Why do such people exist? How do they operate? And most critical of all, can we learn to avoid them, or escape them? The answers will enlighten you. This book delivers practical tools and techniques to survive the most difficult people.

Culture & Empire: Digital Revolution


The whole planet is getting connected and building vast new communities. Billions of us are online, all the time. This online world thinks faster, and thinks differently. Smart, fast, and creative, our new communities are a very real challenge to old power and old money. And old money — after its War on Drugs and War on Terror — is now launching its War on the Internet. What is going on, and where will this lead us? Pieter Hintjens — author, programmer, and activist — tells all in this vast story of Culture & Empire: Digital Revolution.

ZeroMQ, Messaging for Many Applications


Dive into ØMQ (aka ZeroMQ), the smart socket library that gives you fast, easy, message-based concurrency for your applications. With this quick-paced guide, you’ll learn hands-on how to use this scalable, lightweight, and highly flexible networking tool for exchanging messages among clusters, the cloud, and other multi-system environments. From O'Reilly, 516 pages.

Code Connected Volume 1


Code Connected is Pieter Hintjens' guide to building distributed software in any language. Volume 1 takes you through learning ØMQ, step-by-step, with over 80 examples. You will learn the basics, the API, the different socket types and how they work, reliability, and a host of patterns you can use in your applications.

Professional Edition for C/C++:

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