ZeroMQ Courses & Workshops

The ZeroMQ tutorial at EuroPython 2014 was an impressive experience. Pieter's way of teaching pushed my brain to its limits, while being fun and entertaining. I had never experienced such a fast and condensed knowledge transfer. Looking forward to digging deeper into ZeroMQ in Brussels. — Achim Domma

Reading a book is one thing. Learning in real situations is far more powerful. I teach regular master classes covering ZeroMQ and related topics. These classes last one or two days:

As a participant you are a good, ambitious programmer, and you want to learn more about ZeroMQ. You also want to learn techniques of working successfully with others at long range, without frequent meetings. You'll come with your laptop, ready to write code in your favorite language, on your favorite operating system, using ZeroMQ.

We will use git, so if this is new to you, take a moment to learn it. Here's a quickstarter from the ZeroMQ wiki.

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