Master Classes in Brussels

EuroPython 2014 featured a great ZeroMQ training session covering both a ZeroMQ quickstart and an impressive hands-on experience on contract-driven open collaboration. Pieter had us immediately working with our just-learned ZeroMQ knowledge and offered profound insight in ZeroMQ and the ZeroMQ community development process. It was fun, and demanding, and certainly whetted my interest in ZeroMQ! — Holger Joukl

These two-day classes are held in De Markten, at the heart of old Brussels, surrounded by lovely restaurants, cafes, and bars. Google maps)

Lunch is provided in "an elegant and welcoming neo-bistro on the lively Place Sainte-Catherine, highlighting a mix of local and southern French dishes."

Cost and Registration

Each Brussels Master Class lasts two days and costs a total of EUR 1,200 excl. VAT, including all refreshments, and lunch on both days. Classes run from 9.30am to 5.30pm on both days.

On 30-31 October we hold a special hackathon to build a prototype for edgenet. There won't be lunch on those two days. Participation is free for the first N people who provide a convincing reason why they should be there.

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De Markten is near the Bourse, the old center of Brussels. Some hotels that aren't too far away:

  • Hotel Aristote (cheap)
  • Citadines Sainte-Catherine Brussels (medium)
  • Metropole (enterprise)


The closest metro stations are Sainte-Catherine (east-west line) and Bourse (north-south premetro line). To use the metro, buy a ticket from the vending machines (you may need Euro coins). To use the tram, you may not find a near-by vending machine, so buy a ticket from the conductor for a little more.

Here's how to get here from different places:

  • From Gare du Midi (South Station), e.g. from Paris by Thalys or London by Eurostar: take any tram going to North Station, and get off at Bourse (three stops). It's then 5 mins walk north-west down Dansaert street.
  • From Zaventem Airport: take a train (sub-level 3 or so) to Brussels South Station, then follow instructions above.
  • From Gare du Nord or Gare Centrale: take a train south to Gare du Midi, then follow instructions above. You can also walk (12 mins) from Gare Centrale. Check out Google maps for that.
  • From Charleroi Airport: buy a bus ticket on-line, it takes you to Gare du Midi. If you don't but a ticket in advance, the waiting crowds often overwhelm the bus. Like 120 people for a 60-seater bus. Not pretty. If you don't buy a ticket online, and there are crowds waiting, or if you really like trains, take the local bus to Charleroi Sud train station, and the train from there to Brussels Gare du Midi or Centrale.

If you're staying a day or two in Brussels, you can get a 5-ride or 10-ride metro card and save some money.

Here is a list of taxi companies in Brussels. They are all probably crooks, especially if you don't speak French.

About these Classes

In these classes, you will develop and implement a new distributed system, learning both how to use ZeroMQ, and how to organize with other participants into a distributed team. You will work together using using GitHub pull requests, RFCs, forks, and the same contract-driven C4 process that helps the ZeroMQ community build world-beating code. Whether you're a rookie or a veteran, you will find this a challenging and satisfying way of working.

The participants decide on the speed and direction of each class. The goal is always to build realistic systems that serve as the basis for further work. All work is done on public GitHub repos, and licensed under the MIT/X11 or MPLv2 open source licenses. Classes are neither recorded nor streamed. Advanced classes explore particularly difficult problems such as edgenet.

For accredited students of Computer Science or equivalent, the price is EUR 195 incl. VAT, for both days including refreshments and lunches. The number of these places is limited by discretion of the organizers.

For established participants in the ZeroMQ community or related open source projects, participation is free, including refreshments though excluding lunches. The number of these places is limited by discretion of the organizers.

All participants who complete both days receive a wearable certificate in the form of a unique t-shirt signed by Pieter Hintjens (size M except by special request).

On 29-30 January we hold a special pre-FOSDEM master class which is free for FOSDEM attendees. Participants will find their own lunch on these two days, and the class size is limited to 50 participants.


The ZeroMQ Master Classes are organized by iMatix and ESOMA vzw. Places are secured by pre-payment to iMatix, see details below. Invoices are issued for all places. All invoices are subject to VAT at 21% except for non-Belgian EU entities with a VAT number, or non-EU entities.

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