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Thank you for the gifts

Kind people already sent donations that will make my childrens' lives easier, when I'm not there any more. Thank you enormously! :-)


Software Engineering Daily
Interview by Adam Dymitruk
Ruby Rogues #188, Community Building

Talks on video

"De afspraak", VRT, May 2016 (panel discussion)
RTL TV, May 2016 (panel discussion)
DomCode 2015, Nov 2015 (keynote)
Coding Serbia, Oct 2015 (keynote)
Euroscipy, Cambridge, Aug 2015 (keynote)
PyGrunn, Groningen, May 2015
Craft Conf, Budapest, Apr 2015
QCon London, Mar 2015
Code Mesh London, Nov 2014
Build Stuff, Vilnius 2014
Build Stuff, Vilnius, Nov 2014 (interview)
Coding Serbia, Nov 2014 (keynote)
Devnology, Leusden, Oct 2014 (keynote)
EuroPython, Berlin, Jul 2014 (keynote)
Build Stuff, Vilnius, Dec 2013 (interview)
Build Stuff, Vilnius, Dec 2013 (keynote)
Code Mesh London, Dec 2013
DevOps Days, London, Nov 2013
NDC Oslo, Jun 2013
CERN - Geneva, Jun 2013
Tech Mesh, London, Dec 2012
Strange Loop, St.Louis, Oct 2012
ZeroMQ@PDX part 2 - Portland, Feb 2012
ZeroMQ@PDX part 1 - Portland, Feb 2012
FLOSS Weekly, Petaliuma CA, Dec 2011
FOSDEM 2011, Brussels
Berlin Buzzwords 2010 (keynote)
FOSDEM 2009, Brussels
Hellenic FOSS Conference 2008, Athens part 1
Hellenic FOSS Conference 2008, Athens part 2

Email me at moc.snejtnih|reteip#moc.snejtnih|reteip if you'd like me to present at your event, or in your organization.


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